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Investing in jewellery
18 May 2020

This week is ring week.

Our precious rings have all be independently valued and are being offered to you at half the replacement cost valuation. 

Jewellery is a great investment, especially in the current situation. Jewellery tends to hold its value when other investment opportunities don't, e.g. shares.

This is because precious rings are usually made using silver or gold. In times of crisis these precious metals hold their value and in some cases, increase in value.

The other reason that jewellery is a good investment is the gems that are set in these rings. Gemstones can be another great investment that people don’t tend to think of. A word of caution here though, be sure that you are buying authentic gems and not pretty looking glass.

That is why we have our rings valued by a registered jeweller. These valuation documents state the gemstone and the type of metal or carat (9 carat gold).

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


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